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Alternate Episode Versions

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Alternate Episode Versions

Post by ds7c on Sat Jul 06, 2013 3:59 pm

Charmed and Dangerous
In this, there were more scenes. The scene where Piper was writing her will was longer. It included a part where Leo asks what he is going to do with the book of shadows, and Piper tells him to give it to one of his charges. There was also a scene where Phoebe and Cole are writing the spell to vanquish the Source.
Witch Way Now
There was a deleted scene where Leo and Darryl searched the witch hunter's office and they got caught.
Oh My Goddess
The original ending of Oh My Goddess Part 2 did not end with Chris waving his hand and Leo blowing up. It originally showed Chris waving his hand and Leo disappeared and you see him in a cage in Valhalla.
TNT Airings
The syndicated airings on TNT are cut by a little bit. It is most noticeable in episode 1.22 when we hear the sisters calling Prue's name when she's unconsious, and in 3.03 when they freeze Kate's parents.

More alternate scenes will be added here soon !

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